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Security officers are in high demand and the security industry in the State of California is growing at a fast pace leading to job security. These courses are taught by law enforcement officials with extensive knowledge and work experience in the field. The Security Training Academy at Hacienda La Puente is a short term training program designed and focused on preparing the students for a career in law enforcement/security field. This security academy course complies with the Department of Consumer Affairs' skills training for security guards. (Authority sited: 7581, Business and Professions code, Reference: Sections 7583.6 and 7583.7, Business and Professions code.) Funding available for those who qualify.

Advanced Private Security (120 hours of training)
This four week course includes: Powers to Arrest, Weapons of Mass Destruction & Terrorism Awareness, Public Relations, Communication & It's Significance, Firearms Safety/Firearms Range Qualifications (includes 38mm, 9mm, 40 cal. and 45 cal. is optional additional fee may apply), Arrest Search & Seizure, Handcuffing, Weaponless Defense, Straight, Side Handle, and Expandable Baton, Chemical Agents/OC-Pepper Spray, CPR/First Aid, Legal Liability, Conflict Resolution, Observation & Documentation, Post Orders, Report Writing and SB-1626 School Police Training includes Security Awareness in Education, Dynamics of Student Behavior, Disaster & Emergencies, Educational Environment, and Roles & Responsibilities of a School Police Officer.
Permits include: California Guard Card, Firearms Permit (up to 4 calibers), State Baton Card and Chemical Agents/OC Peppers Spray, CPR/First Aid (valid for 2 years) and SB-1626 School Police Training certification.
Cost: $2,050 (includes registration, class materials, State Certifications, live scan, CPR/First Aid and insurance).

  Course No Days Time Location Teacher
  60000.019 M - F Hours may vary Willow Center, 6/7 -

Security Officer Unarmed - Guard (88 hours of training)
Includes the 40 hours state mandated training for Guard Card, Baton, School Security SB 1626 and CPR/First Aid.
Cost: $1,393 (includes registration, class materials, state certification for Guard, live scan, CPR/FA card & insurance).

  Course No Days Time Location Teacher
  60010.019 M - F Hours may vary Willow Center, 6/7 -

Security Guard Basic (40 hours of training)
Includes 40 hours of state mandated training for Guard Card.
Cost: $725 (includes registration, class materials, Guard Card, live scan and insurance).

  Course No Days Time Location Teacher
  60020.019 M - F Hours may vary Willow Center, 6/7 -

   • Must be 18 years of age prior to the start of class.
   • Valid California Driver's License/ID card.
   • Pass a Department of Justice and F.B.I. background check.
   • Must have a High School Diploma or HSE (GED®, HiSET, or TASC).

Approved for Veteran Training.
Facility code # 15-5007-05.
Classes can be taken individually, please refer to I-Train for details at www.i-train.org website.
I-Train Course Code: 43010217190300.
State Provider ID: 962

Orientation held every Wednesday at 10:00 am. No appointment is necessary!

For additional information, please call Martin Barragan, V.A. Certifying Official (626) 934-2866 or cell (626) 434-6769.

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