Sample Appraisal Test Questions
Math Practice Test
Reading Practice Test

English as a Second Language
Listening practice and vocabulary building websit.
Grammar, vocabulary quizzes, crossword puzzles, bilingual quizzes.
Good listening/spelling site; words are in the contest of a sentence.
Songs, podcasts, audio concentration, listen and read-alongs, songs, listening room.
Good vocabulary building site with sound; various categories with pictures - move mouse over picture for pronunciation. - ESL Worksheets and Lesson Plans.

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Language Arts Practice
Online newspaper with listening, vocabulary and reading comprehension activities and quizzes.
(Turn on your computer-speakers before you open this site.)

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Math Practice
Practice with fractions.


A variety of game formatted exercises for many topics including science, ESL and math.
This El Civics site is very user friendly. It has great pictures and easy access to the words. Just click on a picture to start a lesson or activity. English Language Civics provides an easy way to learn about American history, geography, and culture. New lessons, worksheets, Power Point presentations, and videos are added to almost every week.
The Literacy List is a large collection of free Adult Basic Education (ABE) and English language ELL/ESL/ESOL Web sites, electronic discussion lists ("listservs"), and other Internet resources for adult basic skills learners, teachers and tutors. The resources have been suggested by adult literacy and ELL practitioners. Within each category, links are in alphabetical order, so the first ones are not necessarily the best or most often used. - Jenni Currie Santamaria's ESL site. - e-Instruction - Web Instruction, Tips, Videos. - Your Source for Free Online Practice Tests. - Mouse practices. - Mouse testing and training.

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