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Culinary Arts Academy

Culinary student holding a sharp kitchen knife and chopping vegetable slices
Culinary student preparing a salad on a bowl for serving



Train to be a chef in HLPAE’s state-of-the-art Culinary Arts Academy! Complete with new commercial-grade tools and equipment, our students work with fine ingredients to create epicurean dishes every day of class. The Culinary Arts Program Consists of Eight Modules which include Introduction to Culinary Arts, Culinary Foundations, Baking and Pastry, Garde Manger, International, American Regional Cuisine, Modern cuisines and externship. Become a professionally trained chef, qualified to work in any kitchen, in less than a year! (1080 hours)

Cost: Tuition $2,360, Books $447, Supplies $525, Tool Kit $245, Uniform $235, Insurance $18 and ID badge $5. Students provide their own white kitchen towels & non-slip black shoes.  Total Program Cost: $3,835

Course No Days Time Location &
Room No.
60900.019 T/W/Th 7:30 am - 1:30 pm - M. Farage

Students must complete an additional 13.5 hours of asynchronous learning every week.

Fall Semester

Module I: Introduction to Culinary Arts

Module II: Culinary Foundations

Module II: Baking & Pastry

Spring Semester

Module IV: Garde Manger

Module V: International Cuisines

Module VI: American Regional Cuisines

Module VII: Modern Cuisines

Module VIII: Externship

Smiling culinary student removing baked goods from an oven


Culinary students prepping food in the kitchen


Gainful Employment Disclosure Culinary Art Academy (PDF)