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Teacher Resources

Online Resources

  • State of California website:                                   
  • Multiple Intelligences:       
  • Western Association of Schools and Colleges:
  • California Adult Literacy Professional Development Project:
  • Paths to Success-Integrating Technology in the Curriculum By Sabine Thompson. Classroom teachers can use this guide to develop a project that integrates technology with the support of their eCoach:
  • The site features a series of FREE, self-paced workshops covering a wide variety of hot topics in education. Some of the workshops are based in theory, some are based in methodology - but all of the workshops include plenty of tips and strategies for making classrooms work:
  • The Literacy List is a large collection of free Adult Basic Education and ESL/ESOL Web sites, electronic lists ("listservs"), and other Internet resources for adult basic skills learners and teachers:
  • As the news breaks, teach it - this is the future of English Language teaching. Your FREE ESL lessons include full Teacher's Notes, Student Handouts and Texts, Warm Ups & Cool Downs, Pre-Reading Ideas, While-Reading Activities, Post-Reading Fluency Ideas, Homework, Internet links and more. A complete current affairs lessons resource. Please tailor, evaluate, test and enjoy them in class ... and then come back for more tomorrow. ESL lessons that will never run dry! (updated 3.02.05):
  • U.S. Citizenship & Immigration site. This site has important citizenship information and civics flash cards listing the citizenship 100 questions. There is also a wide range of government information related to forms, services, field offices, laws/regulations, public affairs and more:              
  • This El Civics site is very user friendly. It has great pictures and easy access to the words. Just click on a picture to start a lesson or activity. English Language Civics provides an easy way to learn about American history, geography, and culture. New lessons, worksheets, Power Point presentations, and videos are added to almost every week:                                      
  • Jenni Currie Santamaria's ESL site:        
  • The Literacy List is a large collection of free Adult Basic Education and English language ELL/ESL/ESOL Web sites, electronic discussion lists ("listservs"), and other Internet resources for adult basic skills learners, teachers and tutors. The resources have been suggested by adult literacy and ELL practitioners. Within each category, links are in alphabetical order, so the first ones are not necessarily the best or most often used: